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Intelligent Transportation

Replace spreadsheets and paper with Lilliput mobile data terminal (MDT) to make your work easier. Fully optimize your fleet by giving fleet managers, drivers, technicians, parts managers, and other personnel access to the tools and information they need.Lilliput Mobile Date terminal (MDT) with Android ,Linux, WinCE, Windows OS system for optional , also it has more functions can be selected, such as 3G/4G,CAN, WiFi,Bluetooth,Camera,GPS,ACC, POE etc. So the rugged tablet PC can be applicated in taxi, bus, cars, vans, specialist vehicles (such as Agriculture Vehicle,Mining Vehicle ) trucks, forklifts, trailers,excavators...

The mobile data terminal can help the vehicle to achieve a range of functions, such as vehicle leasing and financing, vehicle maintenance, licensing and compliance, supply chain management, accident management and subrogation, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management, health and safety management, and vehicle re-marketing....
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Heavy Truck

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Precision Agriculture

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Rail Transportation

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Intelligent Manufacture

Intelligent Manufacturing is a universal industrial Internet platform for manufacturing production sites, covering intelligent production, intelligent equipment, intelligent supply chain and other intelligent manufacturing areas of enterprises.

As an important part within industrial management system in different fields, Lilliput Panel PC which is with mechanical robustness, IP6X rating and a wide range of working temperatures, can meet different demands in complex processing visualization. By using different operating system (Android, Windows, Linux) and open and standardized interfaces, it allows efficient integration into various manufacture solutions, for instance, QMS (Quality Management System), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), energy management systems, WMS (Warehouse Management System).
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Wall Mount

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Intelligent Warehousing

Intelligent Warehousing plays an important role in nowadays . Lilliput rugged tablets and monitors can be used in different warhouse application, such as forklift, sorting and logistics roborts ...
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Intelligent Sorting

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Intelligent Logistics Robots

Intelligent Retail

Intelligent retail technology can go a long way toward resolving this dilemma. By combining data from video analytics, self-service systems, and point-of-sale terminals, retailers can gain deep insights into their customers. The result is increased sales, greater operating efficiency, and a more compelling and consistent shopping experience across all sales channels.In the intelligent retail, Lilliput tablets and monitors play an important roles.  
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Digital advertising

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Self-service Terminal

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Parcel Lockers

Intelligent Security

The use of face recognition in access controland work attendance has been quite popular in the market, mostly for its advantageous "touch-free" experience. As access control continued to develop in biometric recognition, face recognition terminals can be applied to hotels, apartments, schools, office buildings and other crowded places.

Lilliput face recognition devices feature high accuracy rate and short recognition time. With LAN, USB, Wiegand output and relay terminal, multi-functional modules can be expanded to realize several authentication modes, such as face recognition,card, fingerprint, temperature monitoring and more. Also, it supports different mounting ways.
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Intelligent Medical

Ambulance solution provides a smart way to manage emergency dispatch for pre-hospital care.Through real-time vehicle tracking, real-time information interaction and traffic coordination and scheduling, ambulances are mobilized to the nearest location in the fastest time, and preliminary diagnostic data on the ambulancescan be transmitted back to the hospital in advance. This solution will reduce rescue time and save social and public resources.

LILLIPUT rugged tablet PC gets 4G full Netcom design, integrated GNSS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and supports for reversing video access and CANBUS and other rich functions, which can meet the application requirements of emergency centers in various places to save lives at the highest speed.
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